Mission & Vision


Our mission is to deliver exceptional service, experience­-based solutions and flexibility to fit your organization's needs on a variety of levels--ensuring cost certainty and program fidelity. As a team, we will focus on enhancing your organization’s professional knowledge and management of special education supports and services.

Together, we support your organization’s goal of providing a stellar academic environment that focuses on student achievement, post­secondary outcomes and an cohesive system that supports all members of the school community. We direct our time and talent to support elementary and secondary public, charter and private schools by providing stellar educational services for all.


Principles and



Our Story


Dr. Deleah Archer, a native Philadelphian, understands the power of being visible in her community and lives to support those in need.  She found her passion for teaching shortly after graduating high school and pursued her love of knowledge by attending local universities and completed her studies in the fields of Elementary Education, Special Education, Educational Leadership and Higher Education.

Passionate about the quality of educational services for today’s youth, Dr. Archer primarily worked with at-risk students and students with disabilities at the elementary and secondary level.  Her professional experience includes serving as teacher, assistant athletic director, special education coordinator, principal and university professor. She’s created curriculum programs and professional development for local districts in the areas of special education, co-teaching and cultural diversity.

In addition to her educational experience, Dr. Archer has shared her knowledge in a case study, "What Next?: Educational Innovation and Philadelphia's School of the Future" published through Harvard Press and taught graduate level courses in Special Education at Lincoln University. 

She is a dedicated leader that has an unwavering commitment to supporting organizations, as she strives to be their helping hand.

Dr. Archer holds a bachelor's degree from Drexel University, master's degrees in elementary education, special education and educational leadership from Arcadia University, and a doctorate in higher education focusing on transition services for students with specific learning disabilities from Immaculata University.